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Buying dolls online is easy to be tricked.Because many unscrupulous traders will pass off the real thing and sell you cheap counterfeit dolls instead of the real thing. No worries! We’re here to help you fight the online scam, and provide your solution with precision-grade products for your most prized possessions.

Here at XEDolly, you can buy the most beautiful, the best discount and the best customer service genuine doll

Why Shop at EXDolly?

High Quality

We maintain high standards of quality and professionalism. The sex doll is made according to your directions and we’ll stay in communication throughout the process. Your doll will have to pass through a quality inspection before shipping.

Verified Brands & Diversity

We handpick the most reliable brands to be listed on our store. Let’s elevate your sex doll shopping experience. We have over 500 sex doll designs which represent a diverse range of cultures, ages, and orientation.

Direct Sale

All orders are made directly to the manufacturer which is cost-effective. And unlike the other sellers who sell you inferior dolls from the counterfeit factories. We guarantee our dolls are genuine. Why pay more and get inferior products?

Genuine Dolls Guaranteed

Genuine Dolls guaranteed When the online world is full of fake doll stores, EXDolly insists on selling authentic dolls from reliable brands.

Privacy Protection

We ship your sex doll in a confidential unlabeled parcel to protect your privacy. Moreover, the order information is encrypted.

Reliable Express

To make the deliveries safe and fast, we have teamed up with FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Get your sex doll in as little as 7 days’ with the special express delivery.

VAT Clearance Service

To keep up with our commitment to provide the very best of service, we are now offering VAT clearance and import duty clearance service to EU, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, and Ireland clients.

Free Worldwide Delivery

Enjoy our free worldwide delivery if you’re in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.

Only the Best !

Before we ship your sex doll, our quality assessment team has to evaluate every detail to ascertain that it meets industry standards. We also send you photos of the sex doll before shipping. Substandard products are turned away at the door!

Rewards Program

Get rewarded for every dollar you spend at EXDolly. The EXDolly Club Reward Program awards you redeemable to help save even more when you shop with us. 

Quick Response

Our representatives are available 24/7 via the chat box and emails are replied within 4 hours (within office hours)

Genuine Reviews

The only way you can get genuine reviews is through using 3rd party entities which run an unbiased system to ensure the sex doll eviews are genuine and verified. Check out the real doll photos taken by EXDolly’s customers, reviewed by the 3rd party rating system.