What is the process of ordering a sex doll?

Unless you order our ready dolls, your doll is handcrafted, custom made for you, based on your preference. As soon as you place an order, we will begin the production immediately at our factory. When your sex doll is ready, we will email you her pictures, make sure you’re happy. By that time, if you want to make small changes, like a different wig, eye colour, etc, we will still be able to do that. Then, we will ship directly to your shipping address. You can also choose to pick up from your local express pick-up point.

How long does it take to receive my doll after I place an order?

From the time you order, we need 1-2 weeks for production

Then, we need about 10 working days to deliver, depending on your locations:

Asia & Oceania (Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia) – 1-5 working days

US, UK & Canada 10-25 working days, depends on different shipping way

Western Europe & Scandinavia  10-15 working days

Others – 5-10 working days

In short, please assume 10-25 working days to arrive, depends on different shipping way